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100% Rental Income Qualified Mortgage

Qualifying for a mortgage using  50% of the rental income is a standard lending guideline among Tier 1 Banks in Canada. However, a few alternative mortgage lenders in Canada will allow borrowers to use up to 100% of the rental income towards the debt-to-income ratio when qualifying for a mortgage. 

Don't settle for lenders who would only recognize up to 75% of the rental income to offset your debt-to-income ratio. Ask for 100% of the rental income to be qualified.

There are a few things that borrowers would want to know more about this alternative mortgage solution. Contact your local mortgage broker or book a free consultation with one of ours for more details.

Qualify For more

With more usable income included in the debt-to-income ratio, borrowers can get a bigger purchasing power to purchase or more equity out of the real estate property.

Bruised Credit Not A Problem

Borrowers with bruised credit can qualify for this alternative mortgage solution as long as they have reasonable explanations and recourse for improving their credit score going forward.

Smaller Closing Cost

With this alternative mortgage solution, borrowers can obtain their desired loan amount with one mortgage and closing cost, instead of having to refinance a second mortgage and pay twice for the closing cost.

Trusted Lenders

At Richmond Hill Mortgage Broker, we work with lenders who are reputable and have established outstanding levels of customer service, integrity, and compliance with regulatory authorities.

What to Know About Qualifying for 100% Rental Income in Richmond Hill

When qualifying for a mortgage, you can provide all verifiable income to be included in the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio calculation. However, not all income is used 100% towards the DTI, for example, rental income from rental properties. Most lenders will only account for up to 50% of the rental income, which is the norm. Lenders account for only 50% of the rental income because they allocate another 50% for expenses such as upkeep of the property ranging from small to significant repair expenses, property tax, utility bill payments, and potential vacancies.

There are, however, mortgage lenders who will account for 100% of the rental income towards the DTI. These are alternative mortgage lenders. They are financial institutions regulated in Canada, but they are not the big banks that many households in Canada have become familiar with for their day-to-day banking activities. These alternative lenders work with mortgage brokers exclusively most of the time. Therefore, ask your local mortgage broker in Richmond Hill for access to lenders who will account for 100% of the rental income so you can qualify for more loan amounts.

FAQ on 100% Rental Income Qualified Mortgages

Is Rental Income Considered Earned Income for Mortgage Qualification?

In general, all types of income verified by supporting documents are eligible to be used as earned income and count towards mortgage debt-to-income calculation. However, further variation comes into the picture when discussing how much percentage of the rental income can be counted towards the mortgage. This variation depends on whether the rental property is owner-occupied, the number of rental units in the same property, and if the property is the subject property for the loan application. Most lenders would only count up to 50% of the rental income towards the mortgage.

For a more detailed picture of the approach to determine how many percentages of rental income count towards the mortgage (up to 100%), Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has provided the following infographic that is easy to follow and understand the right approach for your situation. Remember that this infographic is only applicable when qualifying for a mortgage with mortgage insurance from CMHC.

Another solution that qualifies 100% of the rental income to count towards the mortgage is accessible from alternative mortgage lenders, which doesn't require you to qualify with mortgage insurance from CMHC. These lenders have more flexible lending guidelines that allow up to 100% of the rental income but they have some additional restrictions that are related to the property type and property location. For more details, speak with a mortgage broker who has access to these lenders, or speak with one of our mortgage brokers to find out if your rental property qualifies for this solution.

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Justin W, Richmond Hill

As a first time home buyer I was very nervous about buying a home. The professional staff at Matrix Mortgage Global took the time to answer my questions even after hours. I was very pleased with the service and how I was treated.

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Jignesh S, Toronto

I'm a self-employed cab driver. I was devastated when my bank, with whom I've been banking with for years turned me down for a mortgage. My business is mainly cash, and I didn't meet the bank's criteria for proving my income. I found Matrix Mortgage Global online and decided to give them a call. I was surprised that I got approved. I thought that if my bank turned me down everyone would. Thanks!


Andrea C, Markham

I had 2 yrs left on my consumer proposal, with the 2nd mortgage offer by Matrix Mortgage Global I was able to pay off the proposal and re-establish my credit

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Better Options with


Alternative mortgage solutions give borrowers more options and might be a better fit for those who don't meet the bank's standards.


These options might have higher interest rates or different terms, borrowers just have to take them into account and come up with an exit strategy that is affordable in the short and long term.


Work with the right lender for your situation, so you can get approved for the best mortgage.

A specialty mortgage product from a Tier-1 Bank in Ontario allows borrowers to get their deposit amount out of the property on the Closing Day.

A specialty product from alternative lenders allows borrowers to lower their mortgage payment amount by extending the amortization period, up to 40 years.

A specialty mortgage product from alternative lenders allowing borrowers to pay only the interest portion of the mortgage throughout the entire Term.

Don't settle for lenders who would only recognize up to 75% of the rental income to offset your debt-to-income ratio. Ask for 100% of the rental income to be qualified.

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